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San Jose Business Lic. #4037003420

Let's Connect

Thanks for contacting me, I will be getting back you soon. 

As a professional garden designer—I have designed 125+ native gardens in the South Bay.


I enjoy applying art concepts to real landscapes—and in the process—watching spaces transform.  Gardens provide refuge and connect us with the changing world outside ourselves.

I graduated w/ a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Florida.  In 1995, I was an artist-in-residence at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga.  Shortly after, I moved to San Jose and continued a career teaching elementary school and college students drawing, design and art history.

  In 1998—as a new home owner—I started digging!  In 2013 I completed a landscape design diploma program that included classes in botany, ecology and sustainable design.  

Thanks for your interest in Yarrow Design


Jane Burgunder, DipLD, MFA

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